Structural Bioinformatics and Molecular Modeling
CRBM-CNRS Montpellier

Tools description

  • Profiles
  • The provided tools are based on the pftools package available at

    Reference : Bucher P, Karplus K, Moeri N and Hofmann, K. (1996). A flexible motif search technique based on generalized profiles. Comput. Chem. 20:3-24.

    • Show Profiles :
    • Allows to view profiles of our library. This page also contains profile annotations and results.
    • Pfscan :
    • Scan a protein sequence against a profile library. ( pfscan man page )
      This tool allows to find known motifs in an analyzed protein sequence.
      The web interface we developed (Johan LEYRITS and Laurent GUTH) displays sequence alignements of the matching profiles with the query sequence. It also presents a diagram that shows the relative position of the identified motifs within this sequence.
    • Pfsearch : ( password access only)
    • Compares a query profile against a protein sequence database.( pfsearch man page )
      Our web interface generates a graphical view of the pfsearch output that facilites anaylsis of the results. This interface was developed by Julien JORDA, Laurent GUTH and Johan LEYRITS.
    • Add/Edit profiles : ( password access only)
    • Add and modify profiles of the database
    • Compare results : ( password access only)
    • This tool compares results of pfsearch from different profiles (developed by Julien JORDA).

  • Selectseq
  • coming soon...